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SULLO - 1 day ago

Yo make it happen

Daan van den Eerenbeemt - 1 day ago

Pls do

YeahTwo - 1 day ago

Miss you <3

Baz - 2 days ago

I miss you dude

Jangor - 2 days ago

Reckful is a Twitch Legend.

John - 2 days ago


Maxzerino - 2 days ago

Miss you buddy

Nilla Herraniemi - 2 days ago

get this to be global emote for byron.

nam - 3 days ago


Robert Klokk - 3 days ago


martybggg - 3 days ago

Rest in peace, Reckful <3

Spudllie - 3 days ago

do it

Rappy - 3 days ago

Definately!! he deserves it

bailey - 3 days ago

Please make him a global emote <3

Bear_Hug - 4 days ago

RIP legend

Yummsie - 4 days ago


FJ3LL - 4 days ago

get it done

Christopher Merrifield - 4 days ago

Please make this a thing, I would have never come to twitch in the first place without Reckful.

WolfZark - 4 days ago

Reckful was a great streamer that helped many people deal with their daily issues by streaming for others. He deserves to be remember.

Sowyah - 4 days ago

make it happen!

Gabby - 4 days ago

for Reckful <3

Niusia - 4 days ago

for the best man in the world <3

nixipapi - 4 days ago

Reckful was such a great personality, and helped me so much. I would really appreciate if you could make his emote global. It would mean the world to me and many people he is a real legend.

Caustix - 5 days ago

They should do this. This was a streamer that loved his fans and wanted to give back to them. RIP Reckful forever love.

Weence - 5 days ago

Make it happen

lost_Templ - 5 days ago

The first of many I hope

x3rt - 5 days ago

Please <3

tracerpose - 5 days ago

He helped make the site what it is, it's only fair. Also, R.I.P. Dad ;-; <3

Oisin - 6 days ago

He deserves a global emote! And it would go very well used. reckH

Ethereum - 6 days ago

he deserves it, and it would be amazing to see his smile in chat m8

kaseem - 6 days ago

as someone who shaped twitch and streaming content overall on the platform it's the least y'all should do.

IsThatABurrito - 6 days ago

As a long-standing member of the twitch community, I strongly believe that what Byron has done for this platform warrants him to have a global emote!

Taylon Huycke - 6 days ago

He has made such an impact for the twitch community and would be an honor for his legacy to be forever in this platform

llDEADBEARll - 6 days ago

Rest in Peace <3

Elian - 6 days ago

Make it an emote pls

parkourchicken - 6 days ago

we need it

Juan Uscanga - 1 week ago

Byron made twitch a better place. I think this would be a nice way to remember him by <3

Matthew Willingham - 1 week ago

Its only fitting.

sumireyo - 1 week ago

A bright light on Twitch, shared so much happiness and laughter with his viewers. A brightness, a smile that could bring joy to dreary days. Words barely suffice, miss him terribly.

justine - 1 week ago

for Byron <3

Tyreese Sweeney - 1 week ago

Byron was an influencer who revolutionized the way that streaming and specifically Twitch was approached. His legacy deserves to be immortalized on the platform that he spent countless hours toiling over and making positive contributions to.

grus0mhet - 1 week ago

Everyone misses you.

Andrew S - 1 week ago

Is there anyone who could argue that he doesn't deserve this?

amaterashu - 1 week ago

miss you bro <3

DhiKKi - 1 week ago

If you feel bad - ask for help, really, there is nothing shameful about it

Kestrow - 1 week ago


azegyetlen_dankacsa - 1 week ago

Reckful was one of the best Twitch streamer, he was happy, but he had some problems. R.I.P Byron.

4kos_ - 1 week ago

R.I.P Reckful <3 reckH

Yerrazx - 1 week ago

For Reckful ! +1. Lets make it happen !

alestormy - 1 week ago

we miss you

liam1uk - 1 week ago

This is one five-minute job for someone at Twitch which would more of a positive impact than anything they have collectively done for this platform over the last few years.

Philippe Zwietering - 1 week ago

This shit's important yo

AkaHexx - 1 week ago

Please make it a global emote

Mythion - 1 week ago

Love to Byron and everyone.<3

Arthodox - 1 week ago

For Reckful <3

Brandon Watt - 1 week ago

A legend of twitch. To many, an icon. Make it happen

Alpple - 1 week ago

It must be one

Wintxr_Dream - 1 week ago

He deserves to be immortalised as the one who popularised this. I miss you, Byron - thank you for everything you did.

TAGPog - 1 week ago

rest in peace byron

cade - 1 week ago


caseyR - 1 week ago


Wishpods - 1 week ago

Miss you man <3

Lawlyte - 1 week ago

Thank you for all the fun/educational streams. You always interacted with chat, and tried to answer everyone and teach us whatever you know. Will miss you forever. "Tea time with Byron" <3

Aydin - 1 week ago

Had a huge impact on the twitch as a whole. Should do this in his memory. <3

Nick Brubaker - 1 week ago

love you Byron <3

harley - 1 week ago


geez_zuss - 1 week ago

either way i will never forget. i'm not trying to say i was watching him for any length of time but the bits i did see and watching his reruns, i really wish i had <3

Exonick - 1 week ago

Yes please

Cody Dobias - 1 week ago

This really deserves to be a global emote <3

vdunamisv - 1 week ago

Give him his emote pls it would make many people happy

sneakyshrimp24 - 1 week ago

It's amazing to see how much support and influence this guy has sent to so many people. He will be missed greatly by me and others, and I hope this happens. <3

Gromdown - 1 week ago

Please make this happen, R.I.P. Byron

ranbara - 2 weeks ago

legendary, reckful's impact is unspoken yet known by all.

Cosmox - 2 weeks ago

reckC <3

fuad sami - 2 weeks ago

reckful deserve it

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